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Criminal Records And Licensing

In California, nearly 30% of all jobs require a license issued by a state agency or board. A licensing agency or board can deny, suspend or revoke a license if an applicant, or license holder, has been convicted of a crime. Certain licensing agencies or boards can deny individuals the ability to work for businesses licensed by those agencies or boards.

For over a decade, our firm’s top attorney, Martin Winfield, worked as a licensing attorney representing the state of California in disciplinary investigations, hearings and other administrative actions. This experience gives him the unique point of view needed to adequately defend clients in licensing actions that threaten to revoke or discipline their professional license.

Licensing Laws And The Impact of AB 2138

California’s approach to licensing was significantly altered in 2018 when Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2138 (AB 2138) into law. The law sets limits on the revocation or denial of state licenses based on an individual’s criminal record. Now, for a license to be denied or revoked, the following must be true:

  • The crime in question had to have occurred within the last seven years.
  • The crime has to be substantially related to the type of license under review.

It is important to note, however, that individuals who have been convicted of serious felonies may still be at risk of license revocation, regardless of whether the criteria of the two-part test mentioned above are met.

Ready To Defend Your License

Most denials based on a criminal conviction or arrest can be appealed and the individual can request a hearing. At most of these hearings, the agency or board will have an attorney representing them fighting to prove that that the individual should not hold a license, work and/or be present in the business. In certain cases, losing at the hearing can result in the individual being excluded for life from working at certain types of businesses. Therefore, it is extremely important that when faced with a denial or exclusion based on convictions or arrests you obtain a competent attorney who is familiar with this area of law.

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