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Do you need an attorney in your administrative hearing?

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If you’re professional license is under threat due to an alleged ethical violation or misconduct, then you’re probably wondering how you can navigate the matter before you. You might think that you can effectively represent yourself, especially given that your case will likely be heard by an administrative law judge, which seems more informal than civil or criminal court.

But taking a lax approach to your licensing case can have tremendous ramifications for your career and your financial stability. Here’s why you may want to consider seeking out legal assistance if you’re facing one of these cases:

  • State representation: When you go before an administrative law judge, the chances are high that the state will be represented by an attorney. This means that they’ll know how to build compelling arguments and use the rules of evidence to their advantage. You need to meet or exceed their level of competency.
  • High stakes: Although these cases may not seem as formal as a civil lawsuit or a criminal prosecution, there’s a lot on the line. If you don’t aggressively defend yourself, then you could end up facing license suspension or revocation, either of which can tarnish your career for years to come.
  • Preserving your case for appeal: While you certainly have the opportunity to appeal the decision that is made by an administrative law judge, the appellate review is going to be limited to the evidence presented at the initial hearing. Therefore, you need to know how to make a robust record with appellate issues in mind. A skilled attorney will know how to do just that.

Don’t leave your case to chance

Administrative proceedings involving agencies like the Department of Social Services and the Department of Real Estate can be confusing, especially for those who are unfamiliar with this area of the law. That’s why if you’re facing a licensing issue, then you may want to consider what kind of assistance, if any, will best position you for success.