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What professionals can do when facing a threat to their license

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Many jobs in California require licensure from a state agency. In fact, 30% of all jobs in California require state licensure by a state agency or board. For that reason, doctors, lawyers and other professionals needing a license should know what their options may be if they have been denied the ability to work by one of those agencies or boards.

What professionals need to know when facing a threat to their license

Agencies and boards have the power to deny, suspend or revoke the license of an applicant or license holder who has been convicted of a crime. This can have a significant impact on the livelihood of the license holder. Suspension or revocation of a professional license may be done through a disciplinary investigation process, hearing or administrative action. For that reason, applicants and license holders should know how to protect themselves during all phases of that process.

Under current laws in California, there are limits on what a state agency or board can do based on an applicant or license holder’s criminal record. Limits apply to the state agency or board’s ability to revoke or deny a state license based on the individual’s criminal record. For a license to be denied or revoked, the crime committed must have occurred in past 7 years and the crime must be substantially related to the types of license under review. This may not apply in situations when a felony has been committed.

When a professional is facing the threat that their professional license will be revoked or denied based on a criminal conviction or arrest, they may be able to appeal the revocation or denial by requesting a hearing. For that reason, it is essential for a professional facing a significant threat to their ability to earn a living through the loss of their license to know their rights and how to protect them.