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We can help with professional licensing in California

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When lawyers talk about niche experience or niche areas of the law, administrative laws that relate to state professional licensing is definitely one of them. These legal issues that involve disputes with state and federal agencies is call administrative law, and it is a complicated and nuanced area of the law that is governed by regulations and internal policies and procedures. This is much different than what most attorneys deal with on a day-to-day basis, and since successfully solving these issues can be the difference between being able to work in one’s chosen field or not, it is one where people look for an experienced attorney, like Winfield Law.

Experience is key

When it comes to state licensing, Winfield Law is the law firm with the experience needed to fight, and fight successfully. Founded by Martin Winfield, he spent over a decade as a senior attorney for California and three years as a deputy commissioner for the California Department of Real Estate. Indeed, he has decades of legal experience fighting within this niche administrative law legal field in Los Angeles and throughout the surrounding areas of California.

Professional licenses

Winfield Law specializes in helping our clients get and keep their professional licenses, like those needed from California agencies. These agencies include DHCS, DSS, BCC, DRE, DOI, DDS, DMV and many more. And, we can help from the beginning, like applying for the professional license, appealing denials (including criminal record exemption denials), fight disciplinary and other actions filed by state agencies and all other California agency actions.


We know that licensed professionals spend years in school and have invested tremendous time and resources to gain licenses to practice. Any investigations and formal disciplinary actions by state licensing boards and agencies can put a practicing professional’s license on the line and place one’s professional reputation and livelihood are at stake. We want to stop that from happening.