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Why might a nurse face licensing issues in California?

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In California, there are many careers in which a person needs to have a state-issued license to ply their trade. That includes the medical profession. Nurses are an integral part of patient care and play a vital role in helping people with their injuries, illnesses and conditions. The importance of nurses has been emphasized in the past 15 months as society has dealt with inordinate health problems and the medical industry was stretched to its limits. If there are allegations that could place a registered nursing (RN) license in flux or it has already been suspended, it is critical to know how to fight back.

Understanding disciplinary procedures against nurses

It is wise to know the law as this can be essential to lodging an effective defense. A nurse can be cited for conducting him or herself in an unprofessional manner. That can include negligence and incompetence; being convicted of practicing medicine without a license; advertising nursing services in a misleading or overtly untrue way; or for having a license revoked, denied, suspended or being subject to other discipline by a different state, agency or California board.

If the nurse acquired a license by misrepresentation, through fraud or because of an error, then the license can be suspended. Taking part in an illegal abortion can be grounds for a license suspension. For nurses who have given false information to acquire the license, it can lead to discipline. Being convicted for a felony or committing an illegal act that is directly connected to the nursing duties will draw scrutiny from the board.

Those who have impersonated or behaved as a proxy for another applicant for a test will face licensing issues. There is a difference between an RN and a nurse practitioner (NP). If a nurse claims to be an NP without the credentials to do so, it can result in problems with the board and discipline. Finally, nurses are required to adhere to the basics of protecting patients from infection by adhering to the guidelines. This has taken on greater relevance given the current health situation and nurses who fail to do so could see their license to practice jeopardized.

Combating a license suspension is imperative to protect a nursing career

Administrative law can be complicated and people may be accused and sanctioned. There may be a litany of reasons why the allegations came about and it is urgent for registered nurses to know how to deal with licensing whether that is applying, appealing a denial, defending against suspensions and more. The is a relatively narrow and specialized area of the law that requires skillful assistance from the start.