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You can appeal a professional license denial

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Uncategorized |

After years of schooling and study, a California resident may finish their training and be ready to procure their professional license to officially begin their career in their chosen field. Unfortunately, some hardworking individuals find that their license applications are denied, and their dreams of professional work are stalled. What individuals in this difficult situation should remember is that an initial denial of a license may not be the last word in their professional career.

With the help of an administrative law attorney, an individual may be able to appeal their denial if they work within the laws of the state. This post will generally discuss the appeals process and what individuals must do to have their license applications reviewed. No part of this post should be read as legal advice and no guarantees can ever be made under the law regard the likelihood of success during administrative appeals.

The appeals process

When an individual submits an application for a professional license it is reviewed and a background check may be performed. If that review finds information that is questionable to the reviewing body, the application may be denied. When this happens, the applicant will receive a statement of issues from the appealing body that explains the grounds for the denial.

At this post an applicant can send notice to have their application appealed. They can have a formal hearing with an administrative judge to have their matter reconsidered. They can undertake this process with the help of an administrative law attorney.

No time to wait

Appeals regarding professional licenses can be successful, but applicants should not wait to seek review of their license applications. They may only have a matter of a few months to send in their requests to have their denials appealed. Their trusted administrative law attorneys can advise them of the important steps and timelines they must follow to ensure their appeals are appropriately handled.