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More guilty pleas in DMV bribery scheme

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Drivers in our state that are having issues either getting or keeping their drivers’ license are up against what sometimes, feels like a rigged system. However, what many may not know is that, for some employees at the California Department of Motor Vehicle, they really did rigg the system.

DMV bribery scheme

According to federal prosecutors, the DMV locations at issue here are two Los Angeles, California, offices, and the scheme is allegedly for thousands, possibly, hundreds of thousands, of dollars in bribes. Essentially, the fraudsters took bribes to approve the licenses of unqualified drivers, including both traditional and commercial licenses.

According to reporting from The Times, there were a network of brokers that would act as middle men to facilitate the scheme. They would contact DMV employees on behalf of drivers who could not pass DMV exams. They would broker a price and act as the middle men to ferry the money. Then, the DMV employees would get a signal from the drivers, like wearing a red hat.

The fraud was spearheaded by employees of the DMV, and all of the alleged members of the bribery scheme have been fired, arrested and, in some cases, convicted. Most recently, the former manager of the DMV’s Lincoln Park office became the fifth DMV employee to admit to the bribery scheme.

What we can learn

Bluntly, sometimes, the DMV is rigged against us, but this is where Administrative Law can help. Specifically, with the help of an attorney, drivers can fight actions filed by the DMV, like license suspensions. Though, as Administrative Law can be complicated, especially in Los Angeles, California, this is why an attorney is so vital.