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Doctors can lose license for defying family law support orders

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Many California doctors would not have been able to achieve their goals of becoming medical professionals without the love and support of their families period to become a doctor is to sacrifice and work hard for ones dreams of being able to serve others through the medical field. To practice medicine in California, an individual must have the proper training and licensure to work in a clinic, office, or hospital.

However, just as many doctors rely on their families to become physicians, others find their plans to work as medical professionals derailed by problems related to family law. This post will discuss how certain family law legal issues can affect licensure for California physicians and how an administrative attorney may help a struggling doctor work out their licensure problems.

Family law support orders

When a medical professional goes through a separation or divorce, they may be required to pay child or spousal support to their children or ex. These obligations are often court mandated, meaning the individual required to pay may be sanctioned if they fail to follow the terms of their support orders. One of the sanctions a doctor can face if they fail to pay their family law support orders is the suspension or loss of their medical license.

According to the Medical Board of California, a doctor whose name appears on the Absent Parent Master File published by the Department of Child Support Services may not receive a permanent license to practice. Rather, they may receive a denial or temporary practice license.

Fighting a wrongful license denial

It is an unfortunate fact that in some cases personal and professional duties overlap and harm hard working individuals. When a doctor is fighting both child support matters and the requirements of their medical licensure, they should remember that they do not have to fight alone. A knowledgeable administrative law attorney can help their client protect their right to work so that they can provide their children with the support they deserve as mandated through their family law orders.