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We represent those with administrative law issues

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Many people in the Los Angeles area need some sort of license to do their job. For example, nurses need nursing licenses, bars need liquor licenses, realtors need real estate licenses and day cares need child care licenses. However, sometimes issues arise with these licenses. You may encounter problems obtaining a license, keeping your license or you may be facing disciplinary actions. When this happens, you need strong representation from an attorney who understands administrative law issues.

We help people with issues surrounding professional licenses

We assist our clients in obtaining, keeping and defending their professional licenses. Some of the issues our firm handles include:

  • Applying for a professional license;
  • The denial of a professional license;
  • Appealing the denial of a criminal record exemption; and
  • Disciplinary action defense

This list is not all-exhaustive. We assist our clients with many actions filed by California agencies.

Seek the help you need with your administrative law issues

Administrative law is a very nuanced area of law. It is not something that just any attorney has experience with. It is complicated, with specific procedures and regulations that differ from those in other areas of law. Fortunately, our firm has the knowledge and experience to take on such cases. Our founding attorney has nearly 20 years of legal experience. This makes our firm a trusted name for those with administrative law issues in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about our firm’s services, we invite you to visit our firm’s administrative law webpage for further information on this important topic.