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Responding to a complaint filed with California DRE

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It is not easy to become a real estate agent in California. After gaining the requisite education, passing the necessary tests, and obtaining the proper license, a real estate agent must stay current on the legal, financial, and market changes that will directly impact that career. Many real estate agents work hard to ensure that they are compliant in their work and effective for their clients. It may come to some as a surprise, though, when they learn that complaints have been filed against them through the California Department of Real Estate (“California DRE”).

The California DRE has the authority to regulate real estate license holders and to terminate those licenses if they find that agents have violated particular state laws. When a real estate agent’s credentials are on the line, they may be unsure of what to do to protect their livelihood and the hard work they put into their career. They can start by soliciting the help of an administrative law attorney who represents real estate agents in attacks on their licenses.

How does the complaint process start against a real estate agent?

The complaint process begins with a consumer issues a written complaint to the California DRE. California DRE allows individuals to issue complaints directly through its website, and consumers must provide sufficient information to allow California DRE to investigate the claim. If there is sufficient evidence, the process of pursuing a violation against a real estate agent may continue.

What can happen if a real estate agent does not address alleged violations of the law?

As stated, an unaddressed allegation of wrongdoing on the part of a real estate agent may result in significant sanctions, including the loss of the agent’s license to engage in real estate services. A real estate agent may be first issued a citation, which they may seek to have reviewed or taken to a citation hearing. A real estate agent may have their attorney support and attend with them all disciplinary matters with California DRE. Alleged wrongful acts cited by California DRE can be detrimental to the futures of real estate agents.

A complaint can become a career-ending matter for a real estate agent. There is no reason to take changes with one’s passion and career. Legal help can support the needs of those real estate agents fighting to protect their licenses and rights to work in their chosen fields.