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Lack of Skill DMV Suspension

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Firm News |

Being a bad driver could result in the loss of your license and, honestly, it’s for good reason–we’re talking about the safety of yourself and others. There are a variety of scenarios in which your license could be suspended for what is deemed “lack of skill.” This could include anything from accidents to erratic driving to failing a driving test or written DMV test. It could be as simple as your foot slipping off the brake or putting the car into the wrong gear, resulting in a collision.*

Unlike the suspension for physical or mental disability, this type of suspension is specifically for those who are a danger behind the wheel for reasons unrelated to disease, injury or disorder. Similarly though, you have a right to a hearing to present your case.** If your license is revoked, you will be able to revisit the case after a period of time, in which you will be asked to provide evidence of your ability to now drive safely.***

It’s a complicated process, one that’s difficult to navigate on your own. With years of experience handling DMV hearings, Winfield Law can help you get behind the wheel again. Call us for legal representation.

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