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Addressing threats to one’s nursing license

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California nurses provide essential services to residents throughout the state. During times of challenge and times of health, nurses are constant forces for good in hospitals, clinics, and facilities all throughout the Golden State. Before they can provide superlative care to their patients, however, they must meet rigorous standards to obtain their nursing licenses.

When a nurse is accused of wrongdoing or of criminal conduct, they may see their hard-earned license put to challenge. The consequences of investigations into allegedly criminal behavior by nurses can result in suspensions and revocations of their rights to be licensed. This post will generally address the process of a nursing license challenge but no part of this post provides legal advice. All nurses with concerns about their licenses can contact administrative attorneys for legal support.

The Nursing Practice Act

The Nursing Practice Act requires the California Board of Registered Nursing to establish practice standards for nurses in the state. When a licensed nurse subject to the terms of the law is alleged to have violated their responsibilities, they may face the threat of losing their license. The start of a disciplinary process into alleged wrongful or criminal behavior begins with an accusation.

The accusation may outline allegedly criminal conduct that relates to the nurse’s job duties or gross negligence. It also provides notice that the nurse is subject to a review of their license. Over time, an accusation can be amended or supplemented if additional information is obtained.

A nurse subject to review under the Nursing Practice Act may provide their own defenses or explanations of the facts surrounding their alleged violations. They can approach this process with the help of an administrative attorney. After reviewing the evidence, a decision regarding the suspension, revocation, or other outcome of the nurse’s license may be issued.

Protecting the rights of nurses

The threat of losing one’s license to work can be overwhelming. A nurse without a license may not be able to find a job to support themselves and their loved ones. When faced with accusations under the Nursing Practice Act, California nurses should remember that they have rights. Lawyers can help them build cases to confront the claims made against them and their professional licenses.