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Criminal records and licensing in California

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A large percentage of jobs in California require the worker to have a certain license issued by the state. The worker must apply for and be approved for the particular license needed and must maintain that license in good standing in order to keep doing the job in question. Unfortunately, a criminal record can complicate both of those efforts.

Criminal records and licensing

The good news is that a couple of years ago the state laws regarding licensing were modified slightly to make the laws a bit less severe than they used to be. As of now, there are fairly narrow reasons a state licensing agency can deny a license based on a criminal record, including: that, for the particular license in question, a denial or revocation based on a criminal record must be based on the fact that the criminal conviction is “substantially related” to the type of work associated with the license; and, when applying, that the criminal conviction in question occurred within the prior seven years.

There are, of course, exceptions to the above-stated rules, as well as some nuances to the process. Some criminal convictions, for example, are so serious that a license will not be issued at all based on the conviction in question.

For California residents who are applying for a license and who are concerned about their criminal record becoming an issue, our law firm is here to help. The same goes for those who have a license and the standing of that license is in jeopardy due to a criminal conviction. At our law firm, we work with California residents to get the best results in licensing disputes. For more information, please visit the criminal records and licensing overview section of our law firm’s website.