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Preventing loss of a license after receiving accusations

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There are many different industries which provide services to the people of California. This could be social workers, therapists, workers at the DMV, real estate agents, insurance agents, producers of alcohol or various forms of marijuana, nurses and other health care providers and many others. Many of these industries are regulated by various agencies in the state. To have jobs in these areas people must obtain licenses and follow the various regulations after receiving the license.

If they do not follow the various regulations, they may receive accusations against them and could perhaps lose their license or be suspended for a period of time. This can be very devastating as people work hard to obtain the license and the jobs are their livelihood. Losing the license means losing the job and the income as well. However, receiving the accusations does not mean people will automatically lose their license or be suspended.

Process for challenging accusations

After receiving the accusations the person may file a notice of defense, but this must be done within 15 days of receiving the accusations. In the notice, the person can request a hearing and object to the accusations on various grounds. The objections could be that they did not violate a regulation, that the accusation is too vague to know the violation, that they violated the regulation because if they did not they would be forced to violate a different regulation and other objections. At the hearing the person will present their defense or possibly be able to negotiate a better deal.

Many people have licenses through various agencies in California. These are often times necessary to work in the various fields they work in. These licenses come with responsibility though and people are expected to abide by the regulations in the field. If they do not they could face the possibility of losing the license. However, accusations of violations do have defenses. Experienced attorneys trained in the administrative law process understand these defenses and could be a useful resource.