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Obtaining And Protecting Your Professional License

Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a tavern owner or are involved in any other type of work that requires a professional license from the state, you are at the mercy of the licensing board. You cannot do your chosen profession legally if you are unable to either obtain your professional license or protect it. You need a strong advocate on your side, an attorney who knows the complex legal landscape of administrative law and can help you get the results you need.

At Winfield Law, we serve clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties of California in administrative law matters at the state level. Our lead attorney, Martin Winfield, combines nearly 20 years of legal experience with particular experience working as an attorney with various state agencies. If you are encountering challenges to obtaining your license or if your professional license is up for disciplinary review, you can trust attorney Winfield and our legal team to give you the legal help you need.

“I have worked for more than a decade as an attorney with state agencies, including work for the state of California as a licensing attorney. I am familiar with how state attorneys will approach the case, and I am intimately familiar with the regulations and processes involved. I can devise a strong defense strategy for you to give you every possible chance to obtain or retain your professional license.” – Attorney Martin Winfield

Professional License Services

We help clients obtain or defend their professional licenses. This practice includes representation of doctors, nurses, dentists, other medical professionals, insurance carriers, lawyers, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) workers, engineers and clients in other jobs that require professional licenses from the state.

Our firm handles legal matters that include the following:

  • Obtaining your license
  • Appealing licensure application denials
  • Misconduct claims and professional disciplinary actions from state boards
  • Ethics violations

In addition to our strong background of knowledge and experience in state administrative agencies, we bring a strong and successful approach to advocacy. We know how to navigate the procedures within the complex system and how to tell your story in a compelling way to fight for your license.

Get The Help You Need

The administrative law labyrinth is not something you should try to navigate on your own. Work with an exceptional advocate to get the results you need. Call our firm today at 310-935-1058 or email us to schedule a consultation.