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Dealing with legal issues involving state and federal agencies (administrative law) is not something that any lawyer could simply jump into. Administrative law is a nuanced, complicated area of law with procedures and regulations that differ significantly from those handled by most attorneys on a daily basis. To be handled properly, legal issues in this area of law require specific training and experience.

At Winfield Law, we have the knowledge and experience required to handle many types of legal issues that arise in state and federal agencies. Founding attorney Martin Winfield spent 11 years as a senior staff attorney with the state of California and three years as a deputy commissioner for the California Department of Real Estate. He has nearly 20 years of legal experience in all, which, combined with our firm’s commitment to exceptional legal care, is making us a trusted name for administrative law representation in Los Angeles and throughout the surrounding areas of California.

Professional License Defense

We work tirelessly to help our clients obtain, maintain, and defend their professional licenses. This practice includes representation of professionals who hold licenses from California agencies such as DSS, DRE, BCC, DOI, DHCS, DDS, DMV and many more.  We also represent employees of the businesses that hold licenses from the above California agencies.  In addition, we help drivers fight suspensions and other actions filed by the DMV.
  • Our firm handles legal matters that include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Applying for your license
  • Appealing licensure application denials (Statement of Issues or Accusations)
  • Appealing criminal record exemption denials
  • Defending disciplinary actions and citations filed by California agencies
  • Defending the actions filed by agencies due to convictions and/or arrests
  • All other actions filed by California agencies

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